ABBYY Website Review & Ratings + ABBYY Coupons
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ABBYY Website Review & Ratings + ABBYY Coupons

ABBYY: Products & Services

ABBYY is a software development company that specializes in data capture, document conversion and linguistic software for use on servers, desktops, mobile devices and even the Internet. Their software is customized for a wide range of platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows Phone which would explain the popularity of their products. Some of their solutions include the award winning ABBYY FineReader which creates editable files and e-books simply from scans of paper documents, PDF documents or digital photographs. Their Lingvo Translation Dictionary supports up to 20 languages and can translate words from any application or file simply by pointing your mouse cursor at them.  Further information on their revolutionary products can be found on their official website

ABBYY: Company Background

ABBYY (which means “keen eye” in the Sino-Tibetan language) was founded in 1989 by David Yang and was initially called BIT Software until 1997. The company has over 2,000 regular and freelance employees based in offices across the world. Their focus is mainly in text recognition technologies and applied linguistics. The basic principle when designing their products is to make the process of transforming information from paper to electronic as easy and painless as possible. The company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

ABBYY: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Of all ABBYY’s products, the FineReader appears to attract the most positive attention. A majority of the reviews online that relate to this product are overwhelmingly loaded with praise. An informative and in-depth review of the solution in PC Mag by a contributing editor gave the product an “Excellent” rating and stated, among other positive features, “FineReader seems to have been designed from the start for today’s fast computers.” On ABBYY’s official website, one customer remarked “Instead of 9 to 12 months of manual work, with ABBYY FineReader we completed our project in only 3 months…” Another very impressed user on Amazon used FineReader to scan old images with small type and folds and the results were 100% accurate. Yet another user on the same site stated “Every time I use this software to convert any image or text, it just performs perfectly.”

A review on another of ABBYY’s popular products TextGrabber + Translate indicated that, “While TextGrabber + Translate is not without its flaws it does offer decent recognition and translation… no international businessman or world traveler should ever be without [it]”.

ABBYY: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

ABBYY is a well-respected company in the software development industry. Though it doesn’t have a BBB rating, ABBYY has received a whopping 240 awards since its inception. Some of the awards include the KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management from 2007 to 2011. Hugh McKellar of KMWorld stated that any of the companies selected in this category “embodies as part of its culture the agility and limber execution of its mission in whatever subject areas upon which they focus” he also added that “they embrace a spirit of innovation and adaptability…embody the resilience and wisdom to identify and act upon their own areas requiring improvement and, more importantly, those of their customers”. This is a true testament to ABBYY’s credibility and trustworthiness from an industry perspective.

In 2006 ABBYY won a Fujitsu Quarterly Innovation Leadership Award as a result of the successful launch of the ABBYY FlexiCapture solution to the US’s largest aerospace companies. PC Mag gave their FineReader solution a rating of 4 out of 5. ABBYY is a member of the Translation Automation User Society

ABBYY: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

ABBYY’s website has been up for fifteen years and has a global Alexa ranking of 43,397 and a US ranking of 44,527. The site is relatively popular in the company’s founding home, Moscow, with a ranking of 9,273 in that city. Interestingly, the profile of visitors to the site is mainly males over 65 years of age. 32% of these visitors mainly visit the FineReader page of the website. The site is deemed s quite popular based on Google PageRank, with a rating of 7 out of 10 possible points.

ABBYY: Social Media Presence

ABBYY has not shied away from the social media space. With clients spanning virtually the entire world, it is critical that they maintain a range of communication channels for ease of reach and how best to do this than through online platforms. Their Facebook page which links back to its other social media channels, currently has 1,587 likes while their Twitter handle has 578 followers. The Twitter account also features links back to its other channels. Their official YouTube channel which was set up in June 2009 currently has 195 subscribers and a total of 50,414 video views to date. This channel provides a direct link to their official website and their Facebook page. ABBYY also provides an RSS feed on its website.

ABBYY: Website Security & Safety

Online orders for ABBYY solutions are carried out via a secure SSL (https://) connection with a further guarantee of security through a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate. According to Google Diagnostics, ABBYY’s website is considered safe, with none of the pages tested in the last 90 days providing results that reflect suspicious or malicious activity.

ABBYY: Pricing & Packages

ABBYY’s products appear to be fairly reasonably priced when benchmarked against other strong competitors in the market. Taking a look at its most popular product FineReader Professional and matching this against Nuance’s OmniPage Standard and Acrobat Standard, Acrobat is most highly priced at $299 followed by OmniPage at $149.99 and FineReader at $143.99. Surprisingly, even at this premium price, Acrobat is able to identify the fewest number of languages at only 60 while FineReader recognizes 186.  

While ABBYY offers a trial version for the FineReader, close OCR competitors Easy Scan and FreeOCR are free of charge. However user reviews gave FineReader a rating of 7.1 while Easy Scan and FreeOCR received ratings of 5.2 and 6.6 respectively.

ABBYY: Shipping Rates & Policies

For ABBYY products that are not downloadable and hence need to be shipped to the customer, costs are built into the customer’s order. The calculation of the shipping costs and the various shipping methods are indicated on the order form as the customer places an order. Shipping costs can be waived during promotions or special offers. The company does not ship to areas where the shipment of a particular product would cause a violation of export laws or other related laws. Additional customs charges, taxes and other related costs beyond the control of the company will have to be settled by the customer.

ABBYY: Payment Methods Accepted

Payments for purchases of any ABBYY products are managed by asknet AG. asknet AG accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, PayPal or ClickandBuy. Payment can also be accepted through direct debit, bank transfer or on account. For credit card payments, the customer’s account will be charged when the goods ordered are shipped. For bank transfer and similar options, payment must be settled within the stipulated period on the invoice before the product is delivered. Cash on Delivery payments are due as soon as goods are received. Products can also be purchased directly from one of ABBYY’s partners around the world.

ABBYY: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

A customer can choose to withdraw from the contractual agreement they have entered into with ABBYY for the sake of purchasing a product. ABBYY allows for a period of 14 days within which a customer would be expected to notify the company of the cancellation in writing. For successful returns one of the parties will be required to make some compensation for any interest accrued or deterioration as a result of circumstances outside the expected handling when testing. Further information on their refund policy can be found both within the Terms and Conditions and their Return Policy pages on their official website.

ABBYY: Product images & screenshots
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